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Are you an active returning student in Aurora Public Schools? Check in your student now using the APS Student Check-In System!

The APS Online Student Check-In System is available to families with students who are already registered in APS who need to check in  for the current or upcoming school year. (If you are new to APS or are returning to the district, you will need to register as a new student). With the Student Check-in System, you can check in your child for school and update or confirm your address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, health information, preferred language and more. You can complete the student check-in process online using any device with Internet access.To begin, you will need to make sure your computer, laptop or mobile device meets the requirements below.

System Requirements:

  • Any device with an Internet connection
  • Web Browsers: Latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
  • Pop-up Blocker on Browser must be turned off before beginning the process

The Online Student Check-In System is a simple two-step process!

Step 1:

Log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal: 

For more information about or help with using the APS Infinite Campus Parent Portal, visit our help page

Please note: If you are registering your child to attend Aurora Public Schools for the first time, you will not be able to access Parent Portal. You will need to register your child first.

Step 2:

Access the Student Check-In System:

Once you are at the Parent Portal Dashboard, please click on the Student Check-In System link by your child’s school name near the bottom left of the screen. 


You can now check in your student for school and confirm or update any household information (address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, health information, preferred language and more)!

Check In Your Child for School Now

NOTE: If you are new to Aurora Public Schools or are returning to APS and are registering your child into the school district, please use the APS Online Registration System.

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