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APS Registration Online

Aurora Public Schools currently offers online registration. This is available to families registering new students for the current and upcoming school year. You can now complete the registration process using any computer with Internet access. Once you have completed the online registration process it will be reviewed by the Centralized Admissions staff. You will receive an email either notifying you that your admission has been approved and advising you of your next step or notifying you that additional information is needed in order for your admission to be approved. To begin, you will need to make sure your computer meets the requirements below.

System Requirements:

  • Any computer with an Internet connection
  • Web Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (all versions), Safari 6 or 7
  • Pop-up Blocker on Browser must be turned off before beginning process
  • Access to Printer Optional

Other Links:

Click below to begin the registration online forms process.
NOTE: Please DO NOT USE the online registration process if your child is a current active student of Aurora Public Schools.  Thank you.

Share your thoughts with us!

We value your opinion and would like to continue to improve the registration online process with your help.  Please take a few minutes to complete a brief survey by clicking on the link below regarding your experience with the online process whether or not you were able to complete it.  Thank you for your time.